A Few Words About us

The Thyroid Workshop at melghat – A workshop of its own kind, and all for a cause. Going down the memory lane, it had been more than an impulsive act, since it has sustained the test of time: if at all it has only improved. Years pass by, but the zeal remains the same and the take home message is louder and clearer every year.
It has been our effort for the last 20 years to spead the science and craft of thyroid surgery across the country and laso to serve the children of lessor god – the adivasis of Melghat, through our workshop in the rugged hills of Chikhaldara. During this time, we also had the occasion to interact with both national and international thyroid experts who work in diverse & contrasting setups. This culminated in like minded physicians and surgeons coming together in the newly formed ‘ Indian Society of thyroid Surgeons’. Through the ISTS, we have broadened our horizons and are exploring new vistas to spread the knowledge, art and enthusiasm of thyroid surgery.
Although FHNO, Rotary Club of Nagpur South, Thyroid Society Nagpur and now ISTS are the true pillars on whom this project stands, there also are strong shoulders of our friend, upon whom we stand even taller. Among them are the noteworthy contributions of ENT surgeons and friends in Amravati. A special mention for the Civil Surgeon, without whose selfless support, it is difficult to envisage such ambitious surgeries in the remote hills of Melghat. Beautiful as they are, the lush green hills of melghat are not the apt backdrop for a surgical workshop. However, the inspired Rotarians’ devotion has changed the fortunes of addivasis with thyroid disease. It has made this unique service cum learning exercise feasible. A team of surgeons, anasthetists, pathologists, ultrasonologists, endocrinologists, all put in their serviced to make this workshop such a full and complete experience. This workshop offers an opportunity of a lifetime , not only for learning the craft of thyroid surgery, but also to have a first hand insight into a unique rotary service effort. Forest Department of Maharashtra has not only been instrumental in the early years but has also rendered it’s unconditional continuous support in all the logistics of this humanitarian work.